To help shape his most autobiographic and new album « This is our science », Andy Bothwell called in help from the cadre of musical friends he has made in his travels across 4 continents, and created a sound as diverse as the cast that behind it.  Once again under the guidance of Grammy nominated producer John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Bill Callahan, St. Vincent), “This is Our Science” finds rock darlings like Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara), Radical Face, (Electric President), members of Midlake & The Riverboat Gamblers all waltzing in time to the work of P.O.S. (Rhymesayers), Alias (Anticon/Sage Francis), Cecil Otter (Wugazi), Lazerbeak (Doomtree), and more of indie hip-hop’s finest.  The resulting album is the full realization of everything Bothwell has been chasing after.

While previous records read like historical fiction, documenting the lives of the bygone, the footnotes, and the forgotten, “This is Our Science” is pure autobiography.  While there are flash references to scientists from the Age of Enlightenment and old dead French mountaineers, these ghosts serve merely as parallels, rest stops in the story of the last 7 years of Bothwell’s romance with the road.

Neither a rap record, nor a rock record, it is a work that finally captures the vein popping intensity and high melodrama of his famous live shows.  All the while, maintaining the steadfast literary tradition and masterful storytelling of his previous studio albums.

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« This is our Science » est disponible depuis le 13 sept sur FAKE FOUR

Disponible en janvier 2012


Astronautalis sera de retour par chez nous en janvier avec son grand ami BLEUBIRD. Deux des meilleurs performers scénique sur le même plateau !

« Cannonball!! » le nouvel album de Bleubird sortira chez FAKE FOUR le 24 janvier 2012

Les dates :

01/19 BRUXELLES (B) Bar du Matin
01/20 STRASBOURG (67) Chez Mimir
01/21 WINTERTHUR (CH) Kraftfeld
01/22 BERN (CH) Roesli Bar
01/23 MARSEILLE (13) L’Enthropy
01/24 TOULOUSE (31) Connexion Café
01/25 CLERMONT-FD (63) Raymond Bar
01/26 NANTES (44) Le Pôle
01/27 TOURS (37) Temps Machine
01/28 VENDOME (41) Chapelle Saint-Jacques